Sprinkle It...Blend It...Mix it!

Elevate your dishes with our grub protein powders and seasonings, adding a burst of flavor and essential protein to your favorite recipes!

  • "Wow, with the powder, it still just tastes like a regular cookie and it's good for you!"

    - Richard M.

  • "I liked that I could sprinkle the powder on a lot of different things like in smoothie for breakfast and then on my salad for lunch."

    - Mattie H.

  • "Although I am a vegetarian, I might consider it as another way to get more protein in my diet."

    - Maya P.

Create Your Next Event with Wunder!

Make Every Special Event Sweeter with Our Delectable Treat! Great for goodie bags, team meetings, and classrooms.

Pictured: Grub Pumpkin Mousse with Coconut Whipped Cream (added later).

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Now Offering Pre-Order Pickup

Our baked goodies and protein powder are available for pick up at our shared kitchen Wednesdays 7am-3pm. Just place your order online Thursday through Monday and your order will be ready when you arrive.

We source from our farm and local artisan suppliers who we know and trust, and who share in our values and commitment to quality, sustainability and naturally grown, organic produce free from chemicals. You really can taste the difference!

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