We're Akissi and Karim, founders of WunderGrubs. The idea for WunderGrubs sparked years ago one night while we were watching Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Haiti.

It inspired us to seek out a protein food source that provides people with the sustenance they need after a climatic shock and once the food relief trucks leave. Yet, requires very few agricultural inputs such as water, electricity, feed, and land which were typically scarce after such an occurrence.

In our search, we stumbled upon the amazing power of Darkling Beetles. We experimented with their larvae (or grubs) endlessly and discovered to our amazement their incredible health and environmental benefits, along with versatility.  Soon we landed on the fact that they are just a great protein option overall - offering nutrition, affordability, accessibility, and sustainability empowering people and planet.

And we found no better way to introduce the incredibleness of grub protein to people than through the all-time fan favorite...a cookie. Our chocolate chip cookie became so popular, we now sell it as a signature product (along with other treats). Now with a new and improved recipe!

Success for us looks like "everyone eats", so you can be your best self, concentrate and take on the day! With WunderGrubs, welcome to a new way to protein.